How to draw a logo of Bayern Munich

Bayern bit Barcelova 4-0

Prior to this, in 2 consecutive matches of the Bundesliga, they scored in the opponent by 6 goals. And in the last four matches, Bayern distinguished as much as 20 times.

They’re monsters

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Emblems of the Suleyman Kerimov`s teams

In January 2011, the Russian billionaire Suleiman Kerimov bought Anzhi Makhachkala. A few months later the club changed the official logo. And if instead of Kerimov bought Anzhi would any other club? What would the emblem of his new team?
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Be angry is not cool

Will you ever think why on the logos of the North American sport clubs placed angry creatures?

After all, to be angry is not cool.

Let’s imagine how would look like the logos of the NBA and NHL teams if their creators were a little kinder and more positive
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